Mahoro Peace Association (MPA) ( About us page)

Mahoro Peace Association (MPA)

MPA activities

  • Assisiting MPA members living in the US having socia issues
  • Organising MPA groups (youth, women, men, religious leaders) developmental activities
  • Supporting members integration in the US by sharing opportunities
  • Providing humanitarian assistance to victims of war in Easter DR Congo
  • Supporting widows and orphans of armed conflicts
  • Attending to people wounded by armed conflicts
  • Supporting vicitms of sexual violences in Easter DR Congo

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MPA leadership

Members of the Board of DIrectors

Boad members' role is to ensure that the overall organisation's policies and procedures are respected. Board members also play a key role in organsing elections and resolving conflicts within Mahoro Peace Association

Members of the Exectuive Committee

The Executive committee is in charge of running MPA organization including but not limited to developing a vision and an action plan and getting it implemented. The Executive Committee works in different commissions.

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